Rehabilitative Massage

Rehabilitative massage techniques are used when soft tissues of the body or skeletal misalignments are causing pain, dysfunction, or after any kind of surgery. (A physician’s prescription is needed for certain types of post-surgical conditions). The focus of the session is to address the area of muscular or skeletal dysfunction along with working the whole body so that it can regain symmetry and balance. This is important for the myoskeletal system to realign.

Before I begin the rehabilitative session, a careful assessment of the problematic areas are palpated or discussed so that the work that is needed is identified. During the treatment session it is necessary to discuss these areas for feedback. This reassures that the most beneficial treatment is applied wisely, the comfort level of the client is achieved, and the muscle pain and restrictions are found.

Rehabilitative massage techniques are not painful to receive. I will monitor closely the reactions of the client and modify techniques accordingly. The therapy does not have to hurt to help. Rehabilitative treatment has precise protocols and is applied in specific ways to address particular dysfunctions. The client often feels more relaxed after the therapy due to decreased pain or the total elimination of pain.