About Lisa Detres, LMT – New City NY

Lisa Detres, Massage Therapist, New City, NY

Lisa Detres is a licensed massage therapist with a practice in New City, NY. She graduated from Healing Hands Institute of Massage Therapy in Westwood, N.J. where she received her national certification and New York State licensure. Later she became a faculty member teaching the New York State Professionals Program. Lisa specializes in medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitative massage along with other massage modalities such as Swedish, sports, therapeutic stretching, deep tissue, pre/post-natal, and Reiki. You can reach her at 845-641-4791.

My Story

After suffering whiplash as a result of a car accident many years ago, I was unable to find an effective way to relieve my pain. As a professional violinist, my strength and dexterity was critical.

I discovered medical massage therapy and experienced first-hand how beneficial it was in healing my injury and maintaining my total well-being. I was intrigued by the study of the human body and decided to go back to school and learn how to relieve my own pain as well as help others.

My practice was born and has thrived in Rockland County thanks to my loyal clients who have committed themselves to maintaining their health and balance through regular massage therapy sessions.